UPDATES: 30.10.06 - New Aerith photos - Celes photos added~

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This site is created to display my cosplay costumes. It's a personal and non-commercial site.
It is not really hosted on a server, I'm using the space of myblog.de - a free provider for webblogs since I have no HTML skills and stuff, forgive me for the crappy design.
I keep myself distanced from the content of the sites linked here. For the German law I have to advise here that I am NOT (!!!) responsible for the contend of the linked sites here.
Of course my site is link-free. I would be happy when you link it. Contact me for a links-exchange, send me your banner and take one of mine! ^.^


All the content of this site (excluding banners, CGs , official artwork for refference and several shots of my costumes made by others) are © me! Please don't take any photos or pictures.
There are some shots of several costumes of mine that were made by others (on a con) but I don't know who the pics took. If you see a picture here that you took and you don't want it to be displayed then write me a mail, I will remove it.

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