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(This part will be only "interesting" for Germans, I guess.)

: Do you want to join my cosplay group?

~ Actually I LOVE cosplaying in a group. BUT: I need to know you a bit better and I'm exclusive cosplaying out of series I like or characters which appeal to me in some way. Nevertheless just ask me if you want to cosplay with me. I won't eat you ^.^

: Do you take commissions?

~ WHY the hell is someone asking ME if he wants a well-made costume? Honestly my sewing skills are not THAT great! Plus I'm always busy finishing my own stuff so the answeris a simple "No". Sorry. I don't want to sound like a vain bitch or something like that. But if you have specific questions on what you need help with, I am always happy to help you out by e-mail!

:Are you selling your costumes?

~ Sometimes (on ebay) if I need money or more space in my closet. But I don't like selling my stuff since I put so much effort, love and money in my costumes!

: The answer to my question isn't on here, what should I do?

~Just send me an e-mail (Tweety_2005@web.de)

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